Selected Expositions, Performance, Installations 



2019 – 12th Pollux Award and 12th JMCA for Woman Photographers. International Photography Exhibition. Galeria Valid Foto, Barcelona


2018 –  International 5th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography. Space Nau Bostik, Barcelona.

2018Feeling different, painting exhibition. Paratissima, Caserma la Marmora, Turin.

2018 – Le stagioni dell’anima, photographic and painting exhibition. Paratissima, Base_Milano, Milan

2018 – Verso il cielo, Photographic exhibition. Chiostri dell’Umanitaria, Milan


201710th Julia Cameron Award, International Photography Exhibition. Galeria Valid Foto, Barcelona

2017 Reflecting on war,  Installation of white books, for  Woman’s essence. Espace Comminees, Paris.

2017- L’altro sguardo, Photographic exhibition. Società Umanitaria, Chiostro dei Glicini, Milan.

2017- Non una di meno, shared work  e Performance, building a great Mandala of colored salt,  with 100 women artists. In occasion of  the Woman’s Day. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan.


2016 – Berlin Foto Biennal.4th Biennal of fine art & Documentary Photography. Photographic exhibition, Palace of Italy, Berlin.

2016 – White books, Installation of artist books. Art exhibition, Sale del Bramante, Rome.

2016 – War to war ,  Installation of artist books. Finalist Arte Laguna Prize, Art exhibition. The Venice Arsenale, Venice.

2016 – I sogni da Karim a Lin, Photographic exhibition.“The right to be children”. Villa Forno, Milan.

2016 – Reflecting on war,  Installation of white artist books .EA Gallery, Palermo.

2016 – Dreamland, Photographic exhibition. The Se Center for Photography, Greenville, South Carolina. http://www.sec4p.com/


2015 – White books. Installation of artists books. Hit Parade, Mauto, Car Museum, Turin.

2015 – White books,  Installation of artist books.  Ordine o Caos? Paratissima, XI  Paratissima edition, Turin.

2015 – L’albero della vita, Performance live  with the paricipation of  Blind and visually impaired people. III Festival of creativity, Società Umanitaria, Milan.

 – Travelers all together, Performance live.  Intercultural day Bicocca. MOVING TOWARDS. Places of the city, intercultural dialogues. University of Milan Bicocca,  Milan

2014 – The way and  Touchsenses, multisensory sculptures, Exhibition. Festival  the right to be children, organized by University of Milan Bicocca and the Municipality of Milan.


2013 – Con-ta-ci , Performance. Building a great  mandala made of colored salt. Pavillon Artistic works related to the 55 Biennal of Venice. Venice

2013 – The places of the imaginary, Photographic exhibition. Spazio O.C.A Officine Creative Ansaldo, Milan.

2013 – White books,  Installation  of artist books. Spazio O.C.A Officine Creative Ansaldo, Milan.

2013 – Star’s Labyrinth,  Performance live. Building a great installation made of artist’s books.  Spazio O.C.A Officine Creative Ansaldo, Milan.


2012 – Dreams from Karim to Lin,  Photographic Exhibition. Triennale Design Museum, Milan.

2012 – European mosaic,  Paintings, Cultural contact IV, Galerie Espace Montréal, Canada.

2012 – Tribute to Marilyn, Paintings. Time Square for Art Takes Miami , New York.

2012 – Tribute to Marilyn, Paintings. Carrousel du Louvre, Salon Art Shopping, Paris.


 2011 – Another view,  Photographic Exhibition. Institute of the Blind, Art in mind, Milan.

2011 – Art in Mind , Digitally art. Brick Lane Gallery, London.

2011 – Another view 2,  Photographic Exhibition of Blind people. Space sun and moon, Municipality Milan.


2010 –

2011 – Stargate., The “estasi” of the senses, Multisensory installation in the dark,  inside the V Biennal International, Ferrara.

2010 – Touch me for the  Project  the five senses.  Multisensorial sculpture, Gallery L’Altrove, Ferrara.


2009 – Le corps et la poésie,  Photographic Exhibition, Galerie Corrado Bortone, Paris.

2009 – The way,  Sculpture. Multi-modal approaches to learning, creativity and communication. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.


2008 – In defens of women’s rights. Photographic Exhibition, Municipality of Milan. Milan.

2008 – The way, Multisensory sculpture, Center of art and creativity Edu-art , Milan.

2008 – Kaleidoscopio,  Performance, theatrical and multisensory work for Blind people and visually impared people. Center of art and creativity Edu-art , Milan.


2007  – Discovering the invisible, sculptures. Poster Session of the Conference: Multi-modal approaches to learning, creativity and communication. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

2007 – Multisensorial performance, photographs and sculptures, Circle cultural P. Bentivoglio, Milan .

2007 – Discovering the invisible. Installation and Sculptures, Center of art and creativity Edu-art , Milan .

2007 – Paintings, Municipality of Castelnuovo Garfagnana, Tuscany .

2007 – Don’t’ lose the Memor , Kailbakh, Installation, Autobiographical work. Bergamo.



2019 – From Jack to Jack, Painting, exhibition for FW19/20 Opening Milano Fashion Week. Milan, www.giannirizzotti.it

2018 – Acqua e Materia, Painting and Installation, sala della Gran Guardia, Portoferraio, Elba Island, Tuscany


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